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Benjamin R. Haskell - https://benizi.com/tech - https://benizi.com/contact

= Professional Experience =

 Software Engineer - Google - Fall 2014–Spring 2017
 ⋅ Developed system using Android emulation to inspect apps for ad policy violations.
 ⋅ Maintained policy enforcement tools' Java (GWT) frontends and C++ backends.
 ⋅ Supported Ops and Engineering customers with analytics server in Python.

 Software Engineer - Forever™ - Fall 2013–Fall 2014
 ⋅ Full-stack developer for photo sharing and archiving app on EC2 and Heroku.
 ⋅ Added features to Rails frontend and PostgreSQL-backed Python services.

 Software Engineer - 4moms - Fall 2011–Fall 2013
 ⋅ End-to-end Ruby developer for accounting, fulfillment, and marketing integrations.
 ⋅ Designed continuous deployment system with Jenkins, Puppet, and Capistrano.
 ⋅ Integrated legacy SQL Server-based ERP software into automated testing process.
 ⋅ Mentored ten developers in a wide array of technologies and tools.

 Software Engineer - Universal SmartComp - Fall 2009–Fall 2011
 ⋅ PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript design, implementation, testing, and support.
 ⋅ Wrote application testing framework using Firefox, GreaseMonkey, and Selenium.
 ⋅ Improved team code quality through issue tracking, code review, and Git.

 Programmer, Sys. Admin. -  MedRespond - Fall 2007–Fall 2009
 ⋅ Built video presentation sites with ASP.NET, C#, PHP, and Flash.
 ⋅ Deployed and administered IIS, Exchange, Apache, MySQL, and OpenVPN servers.
 ⋅ Improved company practices in source control, deployment, and testing.

 Systems Administrator - One Planet - Summer 2007
 ⋅ Set up Linux web server and replaced Exchange server with Postfix and Dovecot.

 Research Assistant - Carnegie Mellon University - Fall 2006–Spring 2007
 ⋅ Researched ontologies for web service description and discovery.

 AdSense Coordinator - Google - Summer 2006
 ⋅ Provided email support for publishers and policed potentially fraudulent click activity.

 Technical Support Specialist - WordNet - Spring 2002–Spring 2006
 ⋅ Wrote Perl, C, and Java code for accessing a lexical database of 150,000 English words.
 ⋅ Developed user interface and back-end for annotating 1.2 million words of English text.

= Education =

 Carnegie Mellon University, Language Technologies Institute. 2006–2007 (DNF)
 ⋅ Coursework towards Masters in Language Technologies.

 Princeton University. 1999–2003
 ⋅ Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Computer Science.
 ⋅ Certificate in the Program in Linguistics.

= Languages and Technologies =

 ⋅ Languages: Clojure, Haskell, Erlang, Go, Ruby, Perl, Java, PHP
 ⋅ Frontend: JavaScript, jQuery, Rails, HTML, HAML, CSS, Sass
 ⋅ Tools/systems: Git, Linux, AWS, PostgreSQL, Shell (Zsh, Bash), VimL
 ⋅ Full details at benizi.com/tech


Why don't you like résumés?

  • Résumés show where I've been, not where I want to go.
  • I'm not motivated by business metrics, so I don't have any idea of how much revenue I'm creating or what costs I'm saving.
  • I care about producing high-quality software in sustainable ways, which isn't a compelling bullet point.

Do you have a résumé in Word format?

No, for two main reasons:
  • I care about typography in material meant for print. I use ConTeXt for my typesetting needs, which doesn't lend itself to word-processor formats.
  • I only use free operating systems, so Word is unavailable to me.